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TrustE Policy FAQs

What are the TRUSTe Privacy Policy products?

TRUSTe Privacy Policy is a wizard-driven privacy policy generator. It allows you to easily create, and maintain, a privacy policy that accurately reflects the practices you use in collecting and sharing information about your customers.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal includes the wizard-driven privacy policy generator, an initial scan and certification, a seal that displays when TRUSTe certifies your web site, and periodic scans to help you preserve consistency between your privacy policy and practices.

Am I required to post a privacy policy on my web site?

If your web site doesn’t collect information about visitors, a privacy policy is usually optional. If you collect data, some industries, states, and countries have privacy policy requirements. For example, if you collect data from users who are located in California, you must post a privacy policy regardless of your own location.

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