Why Do I Need DropBox for My Business?

The global spread of the Coronavirus virus means employers are responding rapidly to unexpected workplace changes.

  • Business travel is decreasing and travel restrictions are on the rise—meaning many employees will need to work remotely.
  • At Dropbox we are big advocates of remote working—we know employees today need flexibility
    • the ability to work productively away from the office.
  • Embracing work flexibility is often easier said than done. Obstacles abound for organizations committed to supporting remote work.
  • Employees need quick access to information and tools that enable collaboration to keep teams connected.
  • On top of that, data needs to stay secure with centralized control over all your company’s files—it’s not easy


For years, Dropbox Business has helped hundreds of thousands of teams stay connected and work from anywhere while protecting company data.

  • They have intentionally designed Dropbox Business to make it easy for employees to work remotely and still feel connected to everything and everyone.
  • Dropbox gives employees quick and secure access to the data and information they need— at any time and from anywhere.
  • What’s more, Dropbox integrates with a whole range of other SaaS apps such as Microsoft, Salesforce, G Suite, and Trello to get work done efficiently and seamlessly.
  • We’re confident Dropbox Business has what you need to help your teams to stay connected and keep work flowing.

Ask Yourself?

Have you experienced any challenges around enabling more of your people to work remotely?

What are some of the issues you’ve been dealing with?

What are some of your biggest challenges around enabling remote working at scale?

Do you feel like you have the tools you need?

Rising Tribe Studio has always believed great work can happen from anywhere. Dropbox is built to empower flexible work styles, enable distributed work, and make collaboration simple.

Here are 3 things to consider as you look for tools to support your team’s remote work:

● Employees need quick access to information and tools that enable collaboration anytime, anywhere
● Data needs to stay secure across all devices with centralized control
● A single digital workspace that integrates with cloud applications like Microsoft, Salesforce, and G Suite increases employee productivity.

Discover how Dropbox is connecting distributed workers and tools. Read the Blog
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