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If you haven’t already heard; we have partnered with MailChimp in June of 2020 and it has given us a slew of opportunities to hand over to our clients. Now let’s start off by asking the question.

What is an Email Campaign?

Basically, An email campaign is a sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients at once. Email campaigns are designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide valuable content and relevant offers. Using email campaigns allows you to build deep and trusting relationships with your customers.

Let Rising Tribe set-up and monitor your Email Campaigns for you – all for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Boost sales with shoppable landing pages

Quickly give your customers a complete shopping experience.

Grow your audience with signup forms

Create customizable forms and pop-ups, then connect with your new fans.

Find new customers with digital ads

We’ll automatically create a Facebook and Instagram ad for your landing page.



Rising Tribe USA has made it their mission to get every business on the web up to par digitally! Whether it be with new web design, marketing, or promo products. Let’s start with some free giveaways and offers in your mailbox every week. Just see what we can do for you! Sign Up for FREE offers!

Made for your business

E‑commerce and retail

Illustration Ecommerce Story Step Module

Whether you’re looking to take your business online for the first time or scale your existing business, Mailchimp’s all‑in‑one Marketing Platform offers the tools you need to sell more stuff.

Whether you have an e‑commerce store or brick‑and‑mortar location, they offer the tools and insights you need to grow your business and your bottom line.

Mobile and web apps

Illo Hero Connect People Holding Star 1520Drive more engagement with your app

No matter what industry you’re in—SaaS, Fintech, gaming, or anything else—get all your app and marketing data in one place, so you can reach people with personalized, behavior‑based campaigns. And Rising Tribe monitors it all for all.


Illo Hero Buildyourbusiness 1520Getting interest from beta users is key in your pre-launch stage. Create landing pages and targeted social ads based on demographics, interests, or behaviors to get early sign-ups. Then spot patterns in user behavior in your audience dashboard to find your target audience.


Illo Hero Date Based 5 1520Whether you’re a veteran restaurateur or have a brand new food truck, our all‑in‑one Marketing Platform will get your business online quickly and boost your sales.

Whether you’re a restaurant with a 20-year legacy or a food truck with a few months of experience, our all-in-one Marketing Platform is built to boost your business.

Survey Abstractui 760Let them know you’re listening with a survey

Responding to change starts with understanding what your audience wants. Create and send a survey today to see what’s working—and what’s not.

Bday MinAutomate your marketing, reach your people

Mailchimp’s pre-built, customizable email automation makes it easy to connect with the right person at the right moment—without doing the work every time. Delight your customers and keep your brand top of mind with welcome automation, happy birthday messages, and order notifications.

How Can Rising Tribe Help You We believe that you have way too much to worry about than your email campaigns so let's monitor and create them all for you.
Our pricing structure won't hurt the bank either.

Once we have an action plan and your accounts are fully optimized, we then talk about what you can and cannot do on a monthly budget.

Let's Sit Down and Figure Out Exactly What You Need and Start with Mailchimps' FREE Plan

Why pay before you know – Let’s see how we can help you with Mailchimp! Schedule a Discovery Call Today.

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